April 26, 2023

Exercise groups bounce back

Community Therapy Service (CTS) has welcomed back exercise groups following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions across Northern Health.

One of the exercise groups running out of Bundoora Centre and Broadmeadows Hospital is the Balance Boost Group. Clients complete exercises close to benches, tables and chairs, with exercises designed to improve balance and strength, with various levels of challenges. The program runs for eight weeks and involves weekly group exercise and education sessions aimed at reducing the risk of falls.

Physiotherapists Claire Lee and Lauren Mitchell run the Balance Boost group at Bundoora Centre.

“Balance Boost is a really fun and social group. As it is a closed group, the same clients attend across the eight weeks, allowing social bonds to be formed and clinicians to build on the education each week,” they said.

“Involving patients in their education helps improve their self-efficacy and motivation for forming lasting exercise habits, giving them greater control over their rehab.”

The current participants in the group have been referred to the group to improve their balance, general strength and to reduce their risk of falls.

As part of the education sessions, clients were asked to identify barriers to regular exercise. Patients responded with, “motivation, pain, time and tiredness” as barriers to regular exercise.

Patients also agreed that exercise can help prevent future falls, with exercise also important to improving their balance, increasing confidence, reducing pain, feeling good, having pride and being stronger.

Featured images Balance Boost Group members in action.