April 28, 2023

Get to know: Sharon Jansen


Meet Sharon Jansen, Divisional Personal Assistant, Women’s and Children’s Services

Q: Tell us about your journey with Northern Health?

A: On leaving the Army in January 2018, I thought working in hospital administration might be interesting, so I got a job at Kilmore Hospital. After working in so many different areas in the hospital due to COVID-19, I thought Northern Health would be a great place to further pursue my career and it would offer a lot more opportunities. Kilmore was great, but as a 30-bed hospital with only one ward, regular shifts were not consistent and a new challenge was needed, so I applied to work at Northern Health in May 2022.

I started at Northern Health as a weekend roving ward clerk and absolutely loved the work and challenges that a large and busy hospital offered. Not long after starting, I was asked to backfill at Ian Brand Residential Care in Bundoora, in the capacity of an office manager for a couple of months, and during a period of leave absence. On returning to Nothern Health at the end of the Ian Brand task, the Director asked me if I would be interested in backfilling a vacancy in the Executive Admin area. She was aware of my extensive administrative background, as I had previously worked as a Chief Clerk in the Regular Army, Trade Transfer Warrant Officer Victoria and had many years moving around Australia in different administrative roles – a career I had dedicated 30 long years. I was happy to take on this role and eventually in February 2023, the Divisional Personal Assistant role in Women’s and Children’s was advertised. I decided to apply and here I am today.

Q: You are wearing your medals today. Tell us a bit more about them?

A: I am wearing my medals today, as I recently attended the Northern Health ANZAC Day Service as a Returned Service Veteran. I wear my medals proudly at memorial events such as ANZAC Day or Remembrance Day. Serving for more than half of my life in the military, I am proud of the service I provided to our country and have many fond memories of my time serving in both Australia and overseas. My medals are worn in precedence of importance (closest to the heart – toward my left arm) are the Australian Active Service Medal for service in East Timor from January – July in 2003, the Long Service Medal with clasps signifying 30 years-service, the Australian Defence Medal signifying four years of service, and the United Nations Peacekeeping Medal for peacekeeping in Timor-Leste. Other awards of service include Australian Day Medallion and Soldiers Medallion for Exemplary Service (not worn today).

Q: What is your current passion project?

A: My current work passion project is keeping up with the huge number of emails I get every day and ensuring I submit the doctor timesheets every fortnight before pay cut-off. I am also passionate about improving admin processes for continual improvement and better business practices. My private passion is creating things with my hands. I like jewellery making, sewing and card making. I am currently making new reading glasses chains in different colours, to match different outfits.

Q: What is your favourite way to unwind?

A: I love to binge on Netflix with a lovely glass of Shiraz or dining out with friends.

Q: What is your favourite movie of all time?

A: Hmm, hard to pick. There are so many great movies, however, I think ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Castaway’, both Tom Hanks’ movies… he is such a great actor!