April 21, 2023

Get to know: Teneille Talbot


Meet Teneille Talbot, Clinical Nurse Manager, Emergency Department

Q: Tell us about a career highlight for you while you’ve been with Northern Health?

A: I have been employed by Northern Health for 10 years, which in itself is a milestone. My greatest achievement to date is becoming a Clinical Nurse Unit Manager (CNUM) in the Emergency Department which has been my home since I started as a graduate nurse.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

A: My role is very diverse with clinical and non-clinical work. I love working clinical and I do not see myself giving this up anytime soon, as it allows me to provide care to the patients in our community. I also enjoy being able to support the staff on the floor. My role as a CNUM allows me to have the best of both worlds, work clinical with patients and also be in a position where I can implement change from a senior management role.

Q: We understand you recently completed your first IRONMAN triathlon. Tell us more about that?  

A: The 70.3 Ironman was on my bucket list before the very first COVID lockdown. Since then, I suffered a hip injury requiring surgery, got married, had a miscarriage and then was diagnosed with and beat a rare cancer requiring 14 weeks of chemo. I have always been a strong minded and focused person, and watching my husband complete his fifth 70.3 Ironman, I was determined to complete one myself. It all started with a 26-week training program (written by my husband) for the 70.3 Ironman Geelong. Training consisted of six to seven sessions a week, ranging from 1.5-6 hour sessions, which allowed me to be distracted from the difficult aspects of life at the time. The 70.3 Ironman included a 1.9km swim, 90km cycle, and 21.5km run, which I was able to complete in 6hrs and 42 min (ultimately my goal was to complete it in under seven hours).

Q: What was the best book you ever read?

A: I am not a big book reader as this takes time to sit still. I am a very active person, which is why ED nursing has always suited my personality.

Q: Jeans or sweatpants?

A: Sweatpants for sure, though if I could choose it would be leggings, I’m all about comfort!