April 17, 2023

Roll up your sleeve for the flu vaccination

Northern Health staff and volunteers are now able to receive their annual influenza (flu) vaccination.

As Melbourne’s cold winter months approach, now is the time for staff and volunteers to come forward, roll up their sleeves and boost their immunity with the flu vaccine.

It is recommended by the Department of Health that individuals receive their annual flu vaccine from mid-April onwards to ensure protection against the flu is at it’s highest during the peak flu season, typically between June and September.

Siva Sivarajah, Chief Executive, received his flu shot last week. He said the vaccine was an important step in boosting your immunity this winter.

“It is still as important as ever to receive your flu shot this year, especially with COVID-19 still in the community. By getting the flu shot, you are not only protecting yourself from the flu, but also your family, friends, colleagues and community,” he said.

All staff members and volunteers at Northern Health are required to receive the flu vaccine. The vaccine will be administered by an immunising nurse in all clinical and non-clinical areas. Staff with contraindications with the vaccination are required to attend a face-to-face consultation with the immunisation nurses.

Managers of non-clinical areas can email Staff Health at staff.health@nh.org.au to arrange for an immuniser to visit their work area. Group sessions also begin today, between 9 am and 2 pm in the front area of Ward 21 on Level 5, Main Ward Block at Northern Hospital Epping. These sessions will occur weekly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For staff members who have had the vaccine elsewhere, a link will be sent from a Northern Health credentialing system for you to upload the details directly.

All COVID-19 vaccines can also be co-administered (given on the same day) as an influenza vaccine. Community members are encouraged to speak to their local doctor or pharmacy to access flu vaccinations.

For more information, please visit the Intranet.

Featured image L-R: Dr Bill Shearer, Executive Director, Quality, Safety and Transformation, Christine Polmear, Director, Performance Management and Risk and Siva Sivarajah, Chief Executive.