June 7, 2023

Northern Health’s own McGrath Breast Care Nurse

The McGrath Foundation has reached the pivotal milestone of funding 200 McGrath Breast Care Nurses across the country, following the appointment of six new nurses in Victoria.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses are experts in breast cancer care and help people with breast cancer navigate complex medical systems, from diagnosis and throughout treatment.

Among these six new nurses is Melanie Bullock, McGrath Metastatic Breast Care Nurse Consultant (MBCN) who is based at Northern Hospital Epping.

“My role as a McGrath Metastatic Breast Care Nurse at Northern Health is to support women, and men, as well as their families, from the time of their diagnosis and through the course of treatment ongoing,” said Ms Bullock.

“Metastatic breast cancer refers to when the cancer has spread beyond the initial tumour site of the breast and into other parts of the body. Our focus is therefore on prolonging life and ensuring quality of life is maximised.”

Every year, over 4,700 people in Victoria are diagnosed with breast cancer, and one in seven women in Australia will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

“I support patients, and their loved ones, through this stage of their treatment offering clinical care, medical expertise and psychosocial support,” Ms Bullock said.

“To have one point of call for patients at this time is fantastic, as through speaking to patients we realise how important it can be to have someone there to help them navigate the medical system.”

Melanie Bullock, far left, with some of her McGrath Foundation counterparts.