September 8, 2023

Broadmeadows Hospital is now fully transitioned to the EMR!

Today, we welcome Broadmeadows Hospital Unit 2 and 3 under the wings of EMR. Today also marks the end of week one EMR go live!

Lucia Bento, Site Director and Director of Nursing at Broadmeadows Hospital, recognised the importance of the preparation pre-go live.

“The preparation, organisation and lead up to EMR, is what we have found at Broadmeadows Hospital to be very important in the go-live implementation,” she said.

“The teams at Broadmeadows Hospital have done very well. The EMR team and super users have been supportive, enthusiastic and hands-on to ensure a smooth transition, well done to everyone!.”

Debra Bourne, Chief Operating Officer, said, “We have been receiving positive messages from clinical staff from transitioned wards. This is great to see and we are positive that we will do well when we go live with Northern Health Epping and Craigieburn Centre next week.”

From Tuesday, 12 September, the EMR will go live at Northern Hospital Epping. Followed by Craigieburn Centre from Thursday, 14 September.

Thank you for continuing to support each other.