September 5, 2023

It’s EMR go time!

After two and a half years in the making, the Northern Health Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is going live today at Bundoora Centre!

Ward 1 and Kath Atkinson Unit (KAW-Age) goes live today, followed by KAW-Mental Health and Percy Cleland Wing on 6 September.

During go live, staff will be supported by EMR Super Users and EMR Command Centre. There will be 24/7 support during the first two weeks of go live. Staff can also call the EMR Help Desk at 8345 5555 and press 2 for EMR when promoted.

Staff will also see the EMR support team roaming around Northern Health wearing bright colours. EMR Super Users will be in green vests, while the EMR team will be in blue polos. If you have any questions, make sure you reach out to one of us – we are here to help!

Leanne Shannon, Nurse Unit Manager – KAW-Aged, and Abhijith Anand, Nurse Unit Manager – Ward One, are both very excited for the EMR to go live in their wards. As super users themselves, they have been spending the past few months preparing their staff for today.

“Ward One and KAW being the first wards to go live, we were conscious of leading by example by proactively preparing for the EMR Launch. As superusers, we have laid the groundwork by encouraging honest feedback or concerns from our team, and demonstrating that all opinions are valued,” said Leanne and Abhijith.

Trish Aldridge, EMR Program Director, thanked everyone involved in the EMR journey.

“The exciting part of our journey is finally here, and we look forward to working with you as we operationalise our new system. Please remember we are here to support you, and together we will be very successful with our transition,” said Trish.

Tomorrow we will bring KAW-Mental Health and Percy Cleland Wing under EMR. Thank you to all the super users supporting the go live today!

EMR key messages for today:

  • If your ward is not live with an EMR yet, use this time to do some final practice in the EMR
  • Use the Quick Reference Guides to help you work through workflows
  • Use the What Lives Where to understand what information can be found in the EMR versus on paper or other systems
  • Use the eLearning modules to refresh your EMR knowledge

Some photos of go-live at Bundoora Centre are below: