October 16, 2023

Call, Push, Shock – it could save a life!

Restart a Heart Day is acknowledged annually on 16 October each year, and is part of Shocktober – a month-long campaign which aims to highlight, raise awareness, and educate the community about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Elise Sutton, Resuscitation and Clinical Deterioration Coordinator and Simulation and Safety Coordinator, Northern Health, says there is an average of 18 cardiac arrests in Victoria every day, with 76 per cent of these arrests occurring in the home.

“On average, only 10 per cent of people with an out of hospital cardiac arrest will survive,” said Ms Sutton.

“However, when bystanders intervene by calling 000, beginning CPR and delivering a shock utilising an AED, the chance of survival is increased by 72 per cent.”

“To align with Northern Health’s Strategic Priority ‘a healthier community’, we have teamed up with Ambulance Victoria for Restart a Heart Day on 16 October to raise awareness to the community about early intervention as a bystander through ‘Call, Push, Shock’.”

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere. To ‘restart a heart’, there are three steps involved – call, push, shock.

Call – Phone Triple Zero if someone is unconscious and not breathing normally. The call taker will guide you through how to start CPR. If cardiac arrest happens onsite at Northern Health, staff need to call a Code Blue via 2222 and the Code Blue Response Team will attend.

Push – Start CPR. To perform CPR, kneel up straight with your knees next to the person’s chest. Put the heel of your hand in the middle of the chest, at the nipple line. Then place your other hand on top and lock your fingers. Lean over the chest with your arms straight and elbows locked. Push on the chest, hard and fast. This is vital to provide circulating blood to the brain – anyone can perform CPR.

Shock – Connect a defibrillator (if available). An AED should be used if available. This checks the heart rhythm and will guide you through delivering a shock to restore the normal rhythm.

“Please join us for an event packed day at Northern Hospital Epping today, 16 October between 9 am – 3 pm, in the Main Foyer,” said Ms Sutton.

“We will be conducting ‘Call, Push, Shock’ demonstrations and the community will have the opportunity to practice CPR and delivering a shock with a training AED on a mannikin, with lollies and chocolates to give away.”