October 9, 2023

Why Research Week matters

Professor Shekhar Kumta, Chair of the 2023 Northern Health Research Week Working Group, believes “continuous improvement in quality of care comes not only through optimizing one’s work, but also by incorporating novel research applications towards better and efficient patient care.”

He is keen that this year’s Research Week does more than just acknowledge the research achievements of our colleagues and research partners but is also “promoting a culture that is necessary to sustain, promote and inspire future generations of healthcare workers.”

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“Given the increasing volume of patients that depend on Northern Health to provide care, it is imperative that we also develop our capacity to conduct good quality research that will have a lasting impact on our patients,” adds Professor Kumta.

Dr Vicky Kartsogiannis, Research Coordinator, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, has been attending Research Week for a couple of years and says, “I can honestly say that the quality of research activities driven by Northern Health staff and our engagement with external partners has gone from strength to strength.”

Dr Kartsogiannis adds, “Research Week offers the perfect platform for internal as well as external collaborations and partnerships. Positive encouragement is critical for our upcoming research leaders and rising stars to allow them to materialise their ideas.”

Dr Russell Hodgson, Head of Surgical Research, Northern Health, concurs. He says, “Research Week is Northern Health’s best forum to give our developing researchers opportunities to speak, present and collaborate, and learn the skills of educating others about their work – and it is incumbent on the rest of us to be there to encourage them and learn from them.”

Dr Adam Semciw Associate Professor – Allied Health, offers an evidence-based response. He says, “A systematic review by Harding et al published in the Australian Health Review (2017) provided evidence to suggest that health services with a strong research culture were associated with benefits to staff, patients and organisational efficiency.”

“It seems that we can’t afford not to be invested in research.”

Join us at the 2023 Research Week, “as both current and future health caregivers share their innovative ideas and research efforts towards the betterment of our community,” says Professor Shekhar.

Harding K, Lynch L, Porter J, Taylor NF. Organisational benefits of a strong research culture in a health service: a systematic review. Aust Health Rev. 2017 Mar;41(1):45-53. doi: 10.1071/AH15180. PMID: 27074113