November 8, 2023

Neonatal Awareness Day

Today, the neonatal care team hosted an elaborate display for Neonatal Awareness Day.

Located in the Northern Hospital Epping front foyer, the display featured medical and nursing simulations, items of lifesaving equipment and experienced health care professionals on hand to speak with staff, patients and consumers.

The Neonatal Unit is on a mission is to provide the highest standard of specialised care and support to premature and critically newborns and their families. They are committed to fostering an environment of compassion, excellence and innovation, ensuring that every tiny life entrusted to their care has the best possible start in their journey. The dedicated team of healthcare professionals, in collaboration with families, work tirelessly to promote the health, growth, and wellbeing of vulnerable infants.

Milly, Registered Nurse, Neonatal Unit, Northern Health, said, “We are raising awareness about our neonatal unit and providing people the opportunity to look at our equipment and talk to our friendly health professionals.”

Every day, all around the world, babies are born prematurely, many who require ongoing specialised care. In these critical moments, neonatal units becomes their first homes, and dedicated health professionals become their heroes. In the midst of those incubators and monitors, we find the true meaning of hope.

“Today we have opened our doors to the community to come down and see what we do in our neonatal unit. We also recognise the amazing work our doctors and nurses do in caring for our tiniest babies in the neonatal unit,” said Barbara Rischitelli, Nurse Unit Manager Neonatal Unit, Northern Health.

The work that the neonatal care team do is nothing short of extraordinary. But neonatal care doesn’t only rest with the health professionals. It is a collective effort. Families and communities all play a vital role in supporting these infants and their parents.

Our Northern Health values; Safe, Kind, Together, serve as our guiding principles in the neonatal unit, reminding us of our commitment to providing a secure, compassionate, and collaborative environment for the well-being of our precious infants and their families.

So, let us remember the importance of our neonatal care, not just today, but every day as we support the incredible individuals and Northern Health that dedicate themselves to this cause.

Featured Image: Neonatal Care Team, Northern Health.