January 5, 2024

Get to know: Shelley Coyle


It isn’t often you come across someone who can offer to both “marry you and bury you” and that too, in the kitchen at Kilmore District Hospital (KDH). Meet Shelley Coyle, Food Service Assistant as well as a wedding and funeral celebrant. Read on to find out her other talents and why she wouldn’t work anywhere else.

Q. Firstly, your coffee order Shelley? 

White latte with two sugars, please!

Q. How would you describe your role?   

My role as a food service assistant, is quite a busy role; from food preparation to delivering meals to being a menu monitor. Sometimes I am also guilty of socialising with the patients – to fill in their day of course!

Q. How long have you been with KDH?

I was employed in November 1996 as a 26-year-old and was only planning to be here for a few years. Now I’m nearly 54 and wouldn’t work anywhere else! I love it here, being close to home, and the staff throughout the years have been amazing.

I have made some beautiful friends through the years. I’ve seen so many changes in my time, the hostel being built, the renovations of different departments. I have so many stories but maybe they are best left as stories for Christmas parties!

Q. What is the most rewarding part of this role?

I have always admired the nurses in their roles, but I get the easy part of delivering the meals and chatting to them all. I love that as part of my role I can connect with the patients /residents. Sometimes listening to their stories makes you realise how good I actually have it. I must also add I was rewarded with meeting my hubby here. After 20 something years (Harry met Sally) we got hitched!

Q. Your impressions on joining Northern Health? 

The process of moving over to Northern Health has been amazing. From changing over payrolls to new email addresses to Roster On, Northern Health have been so professional and supportive, the process has been so easy for us.

Q. Lastly, tell us something that will surprise us about you?

Most people wouldn’t know I taught and ran a little rock n roll and ballroom class in Broadford. That’s besides being a wedding and funeral celebrant, having performed over 180 weddings and funerals to date!